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We started by streamlining the elective course bidding process at IIM Ahmedabad and then expanded to automate academic workflows over 25 premier institutions.

Anil Vishwanadhula

CEO & Co-Founder

Anil is an alumni of IIM Ahmedabad & IIT Guwahati. His worked at Yahoo! and Microsoft as a Technical Leader.

Arun Korupolu

COO & Co-Founder

Arun is an alumni or University of Cologne, Germany. He worked as a Product Manager in the field of Analytics.

Our Differentiators

Our diverse team comprises of graduates from prestigious institutions from IIT, IIITs & IIMs in India

Deep Technical Skills

Our technology team comprises graduates from IITs and IIITs, who represent the Top 3% of their graduating classes. They possess in-depth, hands-on experience in full-stack Software development, scaling software deployments to handle thousand of users, developing scalable technologies and solutions specific for each customer and in AI Algorithm development.

Solutions Know How

We possess extensive experience in aiding higher educational institutions in digitally transforming their critical academic processes through specific solution design and implementation. Our expertise empowers institutes to automate critical processes, scale up offerings, and enhance student intake while optimizing resources.


We have nearly a decade of hands-on experience implementing process automation, digitization, solution design, and implementation. Our R&D efforts focus on continuous development of advanced algorithms, scalable technology development with the ultimate goal of enhancing the student academic lifecycle experience in Universities.

Customer Satisfaction

We have extensively implemented multichannel support systems supporting our customers onboard, utilize our solutions. We assist our customers in succeeding by making data-driven decisions in strategic planning, quality improvement, and resource allocation, leading to exponential improvements in end-user experience.

Our Journey

January 2016

Identified Need, and Demand for Academic Operations SaaS Solutions from HEIs and Deployed the Registro Course Bidding Software System at IIM Ahmedabad. Watch More of Our Experience Here

January 2017

"The Second Customer Proves a Validity for your Business Idea"

Founded EDTEX and implemented Elective Course Bidding Solution at IIM Calcutta.

During our visit to IIM Calcutta the Placecom team of IIMC narrated the need for a Placement Automation Solution also. They called the platform they needed as "Skynet". We built Skynet in 2018.

January 2018

"We have 3 Solutions in 2018" 

1. We Successfully Optimized and Digitized Multi-programme Elective Course Bidding & Timetable scheduling at IIM Bangalore.
2. The Second Important Milestone included the Placement Day 0-1 Process Digitization and Automation at XLRI Jamshedpur.
3. The Third Important Milestone involved designing a solution for Digitization and Automation of PGP admissions Process at IIM Ahmedabad.

January 2019

"We built our 4th Solution"

We built Registro Exchange Platform and successfully Deployed it the only platform to Connect 100+ Business Schools Globally, digitize both the Incoming & Outgoing Student exchange Process for Short and Longterm programmes.

January 2020

Pandemic Presented Opportunities - We went Virtual and deployed solutions to achieve some key Milestones
1. Supported the first sucessful virtual Placements at IIT Bombay, IIM Kozhikode in India.
2. Skynet Platform was used by 200 + MNCs, supporting ~50K virtual Interviews in all the Placement Cycles of 10+ Premier Institutions of India.
3. 20K Plus students in 50 plus Graduate programmes used Registro Course Bidding Software to select their electives while staying in their homes all over India.
4. EDTEX team, designed and operationally executed the IC Digital Operations Internship in collaboration with ISB Hyderabad.
4. EDTEX grew and scaled by 300% this Year.

Watch Here for insights on our Journey in year 2020

January 2021

Transforming Skynet ot become more Comprehensive Integrated Solution

1. Skynet Platform supported digitized End to Placements at IIM Ahmedabad.
2. Skynet at this point also Supported 50  plus placement cycles in Multiple Premier Schools in IIM, Private B-School and IIT segment.
3. ISB - EDTEX Digital Operations Internship was created in the first of its Kind to Recruit around 300 Operations. Interns from 6 Partner Universities in Hyderabad and Mohali to Manage the Digital Operations on Day 0 & 1 of Placements at ISB.

January 2022

1. Started Transformation as a Compound SaaS company with specific focus on Unifying the customer expereince in Academic ERP Space.
2. IIM Bangalore onboarded completely to Skynet and became the second IIM to Digitize and Automate End to End placement process after IIM Ahmedabad.
3. ISB - EDTEX Digital Operations Internship had its second successful cycle of execution and EDTEX transferred the Production Playbook to ISB to continue the Programme execution for Future.

January 2023

1. ISB Hyderabad Initiated and Completed the Digtial Transformation of End to End Placement process with Skynet.
2. XLRI Initiated and Completed End to End Placement process Digital Transformation with Skynet.
3. EDTEX qualified as a Level 4 startup in the Microsoft Startup Accelerator Program.

January 2024

Larger Scope of Automation

1. Successfully deployed Registro Academic ERP, an integrated program office-friendly ERP, in the IIM segment.
2.Began implementing academic planning solutions for multiple new-generation business schools in the IIM segment and private institutions like GIM Goa.
3. Created the first Placement CRM for Skynet.Deployed process analytics products for various university stakeholders.
4.Developed unique AI algorithms that can handle university timetabling more efficiently.
5. Core focus on University Analytics Solutions: Implementing Functional Analytics solutions with Focus on serving Insights to  Dean's, Programmes & Placement chairpersons.

January 2025

Enhance User Experience and Value Outcomes by 5/5

Provide Unified UI/UX Experience to all Customers Onboarding and Using Comprehensive EDTEX University Academic ERP Suite with access to cross functional Analytics Insights for obtaining Operational efficiencies.

January 2026

Expand our Customer base by 10X and Active Subscriptions by 30 Fold.

We aim to expand our services to 150+ HEIs supporting them in complete Academic Operations Digital Transformation involving more than 1 Million Students in a Academic Year.

January 2027

Global Leadership

We aim to Transform into the leading provider of University Academic ERP systems globally, powered by unique and proprietary automation solutions.

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From Our Customers

Streamline processes & improved operational efficiencies.

The Team EDTEX successfully helped automate the Day Placement Process at XLRI that includes scheduling and real-time student tracking. During the pandemic time, they came up with an innovative Virtual Placements Automation Software that provided interfaces to students as well as companies. Using Skynet Virtual Placement solution, XLRI has conducted the Summer Internship Process (SIP) virtually.

Prof. Rajiv Misra
Placement Chairperson - XLRI

EDTEX - Skynet Product Team have rendered their services and support through Placement Automation Software for the Online Placement Process at IIM Bangalore since March 2020. The software has been successfully implemented and rendered

Prof. Dinesh Kumar
Placement Chairperson - IIM Bangalore

Team EDTEX did a great job in automating the comprehensive placement process of IIM Lucknow. Skynet helped streamline the entire placement process across the entities: recruiters, students, and the placement team and facilitated smooth communication flow. Skynet was proactive in terms of understanding the data requirements and their use cases to present them in easy to consume from.

Prof. Rajesh Aithal
Placement Chairperson - IIM Lucknow

We are happy to recommend the Course Bidding System software, which was developed by our student and alumnus Mr. Anil Kumar Vishwanadhula for IIMA.

Prof. Shailesh Gandhi
Dean Programmes - IIMA

IIMB is extremely satisfied with the efficient support being provided by the EDTEX team during the Course Bidding rounds and while scheduling the term Timetable.

Prof. Abhoy K Ohja 
Dean Programmes - IIMB

EDTEX did an excellent job of integrating and automating all the activities of our admissions process including shortlisting, scheduling of personnel interviews and generating the list of final selected candidates in an extremely user-friendly product.

Prof. Vishal Gupta
PGP Admissions Chair- IIMA

EDTEX team, led by Anil and Arun, worked closely with our team for the last two years in a row to make a successful pivot from physical recruitment processes to one that is completely driven online. The team has ideated and helped in successful execution of virtual placements for one of the largest recruitment drives in India. This year with 900 plus students in the ISB PGP Class of 22, the end-to end conceptualization and execution of digital placements was done in partnership with the Edtex team.

Uday Virmani
Senior Director CAS - ISB Hyderabad