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Focusing on enhancing student engagement, operational efficiency, and institutional agility through strategic technology integration in higher education.

Academic Process Automation

Streamlining academic workflows and enhancing efficiency through process automation in higher education."

Consulting on Programme Policy Implementation

Guiding institutions in effective implementation of program policies through specialized consulting services.

Consulting on Academic Process Automation Support Systems

Providing expert guidance and support in implementing academic process automation systems to optimize educational workflows

Deployment of Integrated IT systems

Efficient deployment and integration of interconnected IT systems to enhance organizational effectiveness and streamline operations.

Consulting on Digital Transformation Policy

Strategic consulting to facilitate effective implementation of digital transformation policies, driving organizational innovation and growth.

Implementation Support for Digital Transformation Initiatives

Comprehensive support and guidance for implementing digital transformation initiatives, ensuring seamless integration and optimized outcomes.

From Our Customers

Streamline processes & improved operational efficiencies.

The Team EDTEX successfully helped automate the Day Placement Process at XLRI that includes scheduling and real-time student tracking. During the pandemic time, they came up with an innovative Virtual Placements Automation Software that provided interfaces to students as well as companies. Using Skynet Virtual Placement solution, XLRI has conducted the Summer Internship Process (SIP) virtually.

Prof. Rajiv Misra
Placement Chairperson - XLRI

EDTEX - Skynet Product Team have rendered their services and support through Placement Automation Software for the Online Placement Process at IIM Bangalore since March 2020. The software has been successfully implemented and rendered

Prof. Dinesh Kumar
Placement Chairperson - IIM Bangalore

Team EDTEX did a great job in automating the comprehensive placement process of IIM Lucknow. Skynet helped streamline the entire placement process across the entities: recruiters, students, and the placement team and facilitated smooth communication flow. Skynet was proactive in terms of understanding the data requirements and their use cases to present them in easy to consume from.

Prof. Rajesh Aithal
Placement Chairperson - IIM Lucknow

We are happy to recommend the Course Bidding System software, which was developed by our student and alumnus Mr. Anil Kumar Vishwanadhula for IIMA.

Prof. Shailesh Gandhi
Dean Programmes - IIMA

IIMB is extremely satisfied with the efficient support being provided by the EDTEX team during the Course Bidding rounds and while scheduling the term Timetable.

Prof. Abhoy K Ohja 
Dean Programmes - IIMB

EDTEX did an excellent job of integrating and automating all the activities of our admissions process including shortlisting, scheduling of personnel interviews and generating the list of final selected candidates in an extremely user-friendly product.

Prof. Vishal Gupta
PGP Admissions Chair- IIMA

EDTEX team, led by Anil and Arun, worked closely with our team for the last two years in a row to make a successful pivot from physical recruitment processes to one that is completely driven online. The team has ideated and helped in successful execution of virtual placements for one of the largest recruitment drives in India. This year with 900 plus students in the ISB PGP Class of 22, the end-to end conceptualization and execution of digital placements was done in partnership with the Edtex team.

Uday Virmani
Senior Director CAS - ISB Hyderabad

Top 5 Question we get

How, What, Do you..

How can academic process automation improve student outcomes and satisfaction?

Academic process automation can streamline administrative tasks, reduce delays in processes like course registration and grading, and provide better access to information, which collectively enhance student experience and satisfaction.

What are the potential cost savings and efficiency gains from implementing automation?

Implementing automation can lead to reduced administrative overheads, improved resource allocation, and faster decision-making processes, resulting in significant cost savings and enhanced operational efficiency.

How will automation integrate with existing IT systems and infrastructure?

A thorough assessment of current IT systems will guide the integration of automation solutions seamlessly, ensuring minimal disruption and maximizing the utilization of existing infrastructure.

What are the security measures in place to protect sensitive academic data?

Robust security protocols, including encryption, access controls, and regular audits, are implemented to safeguard student and institutional data against potential threats, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Can you provide examples of successful automation implementations in similar educational institutions?

Case studies and examples from similar institutions demonstrate how automation has streamlined processes, improved accuracy, and enhanced overall efficiency, showcasing the potential benefits and feasibility of implementing such solutions.

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