We Automate Complex Operations at Business Schools & Uni's with A.I.

Facing challenges with academic planning, timetable scheduling, course bidding, placement operations, or the international student exchange process? We're here to help.

Why is EDTEX Solving Automation  Problems?

We are here to improve the operational efficiency of higher education institutions, enhance students' academic experiences with digital touchpoints, and help universities scale their intakes and resources effectively.

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Empowering University Automation for 2035

Our SaaS platforms have been extensively used in real-time environments by thousands of users. Product Workbenches are deployed on the EDTEX Cloud with dedicated tenets and are scalable.

Consulting Academic Process

Universities are not interested in the technology itself; they seek technology to solve their problems. EDTEX helps envision a customer journey by consulting and deploying solutions to address critical process pain points effectively.

Support Systems

A dedicated support system is crucial for successful deployment of automation solutions. Support during deployment is provided via email, phone, chatbot, and video conference to assist customers throughout the execution of critical processes.

Security & Privacy

Customer data is safeguarded using industry-leading security practices, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards such as EU GDPR and the Digital Personal Data Protection Act of 2023 in India.

System Integration

EDTEX Platforms have seamlessly integrated data transfer with Oracle ERP, SAP ERP, and Anthology Student platforms through API Integration. User logins are facilitated with Gmail and Microsoft-based email logins.


Gone are the days when operations data is siloed in disconnected IT systems. EDTEX SaaS enables the extraction of granular data in customized reports and dashboards for consumption and data-driven decision-making.

Functional Scope of our Solutions

Solutions to Transform Academic Operations

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The most popular Academic ERP - Student Information System software powers end to end digital transformation and process automation in the Top 100 ranking Business Schools globally.


#1 in India, Skynet is the most successful end to end Placements Automation Platform, used by over 5000 students and 200+ MNCs in Top 25 ranking Business and Technolgy schools of India.


The Most Powerful Timetable Scheduling Automation Software Powered by AI, helps reduce clashes by upto 100% & Optimize Timtables across programmes & efficiently manage reschedules with 100% visibility.

Impact of Analytics, Integrated SaaS Systems on University Academic Operations Automation 2024

The landscape of higher education is rapidly evolving, driven by advancements in technology and the increasing demand for efficient, data-driven solutions.

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