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How did ISB Hyderabad Digitize its end-to-end Placement Process Overhauling the existing legacy platform in 2023?

ISB Hyderabad & Mohali overhauled its Legacy Placements Platform with Skynet Tailored to its unique Placement Process

ISB Hyderabad & Mohali has successfully implemented a tailored Placement Process Automation system using the Skynet platform, developed by EDTEX. This strategic move in 2023 has significantly streamlined their placement activities, enhancing efficiency and ensuring a seamless experience for both students and recruiters.

Customized Placement ProcessAutomation

Recognizing the unique needs of ISB Hyderabad & Mohali placement process, the Skynet platform was customized to fit the specific requirements of the institute. The platform automates various aspects of the placement process, from managing

1.     StudentMaster profile creation

2.     Student profile data validation,

3.     Student e-profile book

4.     AutomaticCV generation in the institute format

5.     PPT event Management with Notifications

6.     PPTAttendance tracking

7.     ApplicationsManagement

8.     ShortlistingManagement

9.     OfferManagement (dream offer workflows)

10.  Scheduling interviews

11.  Students

12.  CustomReports and Analytics Dashboards

13.  Custom UserAccess (functional control management)

14.  Dedicated single tenet EDTEX cloud for optimal performance

15.  RecruiterRegistration Portal

16.  Invoicing Workflows

17.  Query management system

Key Features of the Skynet Platform

  1. Comprehensive Student     Profile Management: Skynet enables students to create detailed  profiles, including academic records, extracurricular achievements, and work experiences. This information is easily accessible to recruiters,  allowing them to shortlist candidates efficiently.
  2. Automated Application     Tracking: The platform automates the tracking of student applications for different job roles. Students can apply for positions through a centralized system, which keeps track of all their applications and updates them on the status in real-time.
  3. Interview Scheduling: Skynet     facilitates the scheduling of interviews by coordinating between students  and recruiters. The system ensures that interview slots are allocated     fairly and that there are no conflicts, providing a smooth scheduling     experience.
  4. Recruiter Management: The     platform includes robust tools for managing recruiter information and  communication. Recruiters can access the system to post job openings, view  student profiles, and manage their recruitment schedules.
  5. Data Analytics and     Reporting: Skynet provides powerful analytics and reporting  features, allowing the placement office to generate detailed reports on  placement activities. These insights help in evaluating the success of the placement process and identifying areas for improvement.

Benefits of the Skynet Platform

  • Increased Efficiency:     By automating routine tasks, the Skynet platform reduces the workload on     the placement office staff, allowing them to focus on more strategic     activities.
  • Enhanced Accuracy:     Automation minimizes the risk of errors in data handling and scheduling,     ensuring a more reliable and accurate placement process.
  • Improved Transparency:     The platform offers real-time updates and transparent processes, fostering     trust among students and recruiters.
  • User-Friendly Interface:     Both students and recruiters benefit from an intuitive interface that     simplifies the placement process and enhances user experience.

Exceptional Support fromEDTEX

Throughout the implementation and operational phases, the EDTEX team provided exceptional support to ISB Hyderabad. Their expertise in developing tailored software solutions ensured that the Skynet platform was perfectly aligned with the institute's specific needs. The team's responsiveness and commitment to addressing any issues promptly played a crucial role in the successful deployment of the system.


The implementation of the Skynet Placement Process Automation system at ISB Hyderabad represents a significant advancement in the institute's placement activities. By customizing the platform to meet their unique requirements, ISB Hyderabad has enhanced the efficiency, accuracy, and transparency of their placement process. The collaboration with EDTEX has proven to be highly beneficial, providing a robust and user-friendly solution that meets the high standards of the institution.

This tailored automation system not only streamlines the placement process but also ensures a seamless experience for all stakeholders involved, positioning ISB Hyderabad as a leader in innovative educational solutions.

EDTEX Academic Consulting Team
Automate Academic Operations

Uday Virmani
Senior Director CAS 2021

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