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How did BITSoM implement the system of Elective Course Selection using the Registro Course Bidding Platform?

BITSoM adopts Real-Time Course Bidding Process designed by EDTEX for its MBA programme

BITSoM Mumbai is the new generation management schools that digitized the MBAProgramme Course Bidding process with the Registro platform in 2022.

EDTEX team worked with the MBA programme Offices to help design and setup a process fort he fledgling first cohort of the programme adapt to the best practices and policies of the elective course bidding process. EDTEX team handheld the support and onboarding process to the course bidding system.

This innovation has reduced manual effort by more than 95% for both the ProgrammeOffices and students and allowed implementing programme specific credit policies

The implementation of the Registro platform has markedly enhanced overall resource utilization at the institute, allowing for better planning to accommodate the increasing student intake. The course bidding process has consistently received high student satisfaction ratings of over 4.5 out of 5.0. To date, it has supported 7  Elective Bidding cycles,involving over 400 students and 200 electives cumulatively.

Streamlined Elective Course Bidding Process

Course bidding at BITSoM Mumbai is a complex operation involving hundreds of studentsfrom the MBA Programme. The Registro Course Bidding Software, developed byEDTEX, has been instrumental in handling the intricate scenarios associated with the multiple programme course bidding process that involved seat sharing and MBA elective concentration/specialization implementation.  

Since its implementation in 2022, students and administrators have reported a vastlyimproved bidding experience. The software efficiently manages a high volume ofbids, ensuring a fair and smooth process that meets the diverse needs of the student body and reduced the overall student queries by 99% during course registration process.

Comprehensive Support Systems from EDTEX

EDTEX provides dedicated support systems for the easy onboarding of students andstaff:

  1. User  Power-Guides: Available in both video and document     formats.
  2. LIVE  Workshops: Guidance for both the Programme Office     and the students.
  3. Consultation:     Assistance from the EDTEX team for Programme policy adaptation and best     practices for elective course bidding registration.
  4. LIVE  Chat Support: Available during the elective course     bidding process.
  5. Data  Preparation and Upload Support: Assistance during data preparation and     upload stages.


The adoption of EDTEX Registro Course Bidding Software by BITSoM in 2022 marked asignificant milestone in the institute's journey towards digital transformation. This innovation has streamlined the course bidding process, significantly reducing manual effort and improving the overall experience forboth students and administrators.

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