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How did IIMA digitize and Automate its PGP Admissions Process using the Admito Platform?

Strong Recommendation for EDTEX’s PGP Admissions Software by WINSPIRE

I am extremely happy to recommend the 'PGP Admissions Software' built by WINSPIRE, founded by our esteemed alumnus, Anil Kumar Vishwanadhula. The admissions for the 2019-21 batch of IIM Ahmedabad were successfully managed and completed using this software, also known by the brand name EDTEX.

Streamlined and Automated Admissions Process

EDTEX performed an excellent job of integrating and automating all the critical activities of our admissions process. This included the shortlisting of candidates, scheduling of personal interviews, and generating the final list of selected candidates. The user-friendly design of the software significantly reduced the time and effort required by the admissions office, ensuring a seamless and efficient process. Moreover, the software enhanced transparency and auditability throughout the admissions cycle, including comprehensive support for addressing RTI queries.

Exceptional Team and Strong Development Process

Based on my interactions with Anil and his team, it is evident that they are highly dedicated and possess a strong understanding of the software development process. Throughout the project, the EDTEX team demonstrated an impressive ability to grasp complex issues spanning multiple areas and prioritize activities effectively. Their dedication and initiative ensured that the software development was completed on time and met all our specifications.

Responsive and Supportive Collaboration

One of the standout aspects of working with the EDTEX team was their responsiveness. Our queries and concerns were addressed promptly and to our utmost satisfaction. The team was always willing to go the extra mile, often working overtime to ensure that all deliverables for the admission process were met on schedule. Additionally, the EDTEX team maintained a high level of transparency and fairness in their communications and operations. They consistently sought verification and cross-validation of their results, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

A Satisfying Partnership and Future Prospects

The admissions office of IIMA is very satisfied with the experience of working with EDTEX for the development of the PGP Admissions Software. The efficiency, transparency, and support provided by EDTEX have been invaluable, and we look forward to continuing this productive partnership in the future.

I strongly recommend EDTEX’s services to prospective clients. Their innovative solutions and dedicated team make them an outstanding choice for any institution seeking to streamline and enhance their admissions processes.

EDTEX Academic Consulting Team
Automate Academic Operations

EDTEX did an excellent job of integrating and automating all the activities of our admissions process including shortlisting, scheduling of personnel interviews and generating the list of final selected candidates in an extremely user-friendly product.

Prof. Vishal Gupta
PGP Admissions Chair in 2018

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