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How to Implement Multi-Programme Elective Course Bidding Process? IIM Bangalore? Customer Recommendation

Indian Institute of Management Bangalore Embraces Cutting-Edge Course Bidding and Timetable Management Software by EDTEX

The Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB) has taken a significant step towards streamlining its administrative processes by subscribing to the Multi-Programme Course Bidding Software (CBS) and Timetable Management Software (TMS) developed by WINSPIRE, marketed under the brand name 'EDTEX'. This innovative software has revolutionized the way IIMB manages course selection and scheduling, resulting in substantial reductions in manual effort for both the Programme Offices and students. The implementation of EDTEX has markedly enhanced overall resource utilization at the institute.

Streamlined Course Bidding Process

Course bidding at IIMB is a complex operation that involves hundreds of students from various degree programs, as well as international students participating in exchange programs. The CBS developed by EDTEX has proven instrumental in handling the intricate scenarios associated with this multi-programme course bidding process. With the new system in place, the students and administrators have reported a vastly improved bidding experience. The software efficiently manages the high volume of bids, ensuring a fair and smooth process that meets the diverse needs of the student body.

Data-Driven Timetable Management

In addition to optimizing the course bidding process, EDTEX has introduced a data-driven timetable management system that addresses the unique requirements of IIMB. This system is particularly adept at considering faculty preferences and student course demand, generating timetables with minimal clashes instantaneously. By customizing the timetable to fit IIMB’s specific process requirements, the TMS ensures that both teaching and learning schedules are optimized for maximum efficiency.

Seamless Integration with Faculty Schedules

One of the standout features of the TMS is its ability to integrate seamlessly with faculty members' Outlook calendars. This integration allows for the automatic blocking of teaching slots, ensuring that faculty schedules are managed efficiently without the risk of conflicts. This feature not only simplifies the scheduling process but also enhances the overall coordination between faculty and administrative offices.

Exceptional Support from EDTEX

IIMB has expressed extreme satisfaction with the support provided by the EDTEX team during the course bidding rounds and timetable scheduling. The prompt and efficient assistance from EDTEX has been pivotal in ensuring the smooth operation of these critical processes. The partnership between IIMB and EDTEX exemplifies how technology can be leveraged to enhance administrative efficiency and improve the educational experience for both students and faculty.


The adoption of EDTEX's CBS and TMS by IIMB marks a significant milestone in the institute's journey towards digital transformation. By automating and optimizing course bidding and timetable management, IIMB has not only reduced manual labor but also improved resource utilization and scheduling efficiency. This collaboration highlights the importance of innovative solutions in managing complex academic processes and sets a benchmark for other educational institutions to follow.

EDTEX Academic Consulting Team
Automate Academic Operations

IIMB is extremely satisfied with the efficient support being provided by the EDTEX team during the Course Bidding rounds and while scheduling the term Timetable.

Prof. Abhoy K Ohja
Dean Programmes in 2019

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