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How did IIM Lucknow Digitize and Automate its crucial Placement process for seamless Day 0&1 Operations in 2019?

Recommendation for EDTEX Skynet (Placement Automation Software) by WINSPIRE

We are delighted to recommend EDTEX Skynet (Placement Automation Software) developed by WINSPIRE, known by the brand name "EDTEX". The team at EDTEX did an outstanding job automating the comprehensive placement process for IIM Lucknow.

Streamlined Placement Process

Skynet significantly streamlined the entire placement process, benefiting recruiters, students, and the placement team. By facilitating smooth communication flow among all parties involved, Skynet ensured that every step of the process was handled efficiently. The system's proactive approach in understanding data requirements and presenting them in an easy-to-consume format was particularly noteworthy.

Exceptional Support and Responsiveness

The support provided by Team EDTEX was exceptional. They offered round-the-clock assistance to the Placement Committee, both during simulations and the actual placement process. EDTEX demonstrated one of the best turnaround times we have seen compared to other placement vendors at IIM Lucknow. Their readiness to provide support during odd hours was crucial in smoothly conducting multiple batch runs. This allowed us to onboard a batch of 500 students onto virtual hiring platforms before the actual placement day, ensuring everything was in place for a successful process.

Adaptation to Virtual Placements

We greatly appreciate how Team EDTEX adapted to the new norm of Virtual Placements. They developed Student and Company Plugins and provided seamless integration with all virtual conferencing (VC) platforms. The IIML placement portal, praised for its simplicity in design and ease of use, was well received by both recruiters and students. Skynet and Team EDTEX helped mitigate the grunt work for the placement teams and eased the transition to e-hiring through multiple in-depth discussions to familiarize everyone with the use cases.

Overall Satisfaction and Recommendation

The companies, students, Placement Committee, and Institute administration at IIM Lucknow are very satisfied with the services provided by the EDTEX Skynet team. Their professionalism, responsiveness, and ability to deliver a seamless placement process have been invaluable. We strongly recommend EDTEX Skynet to prospective clients seeking a robust and efficient placement automation solution.

In summary, EDTEX Skynet has proven to be an excellent tool for automating and streamlining the placement process. Its user-friendly design, combined with the exceptional support from the EDTEX team, has made it an indispensable asset for IIM Lucknow’s placement activities.

EDTEX Academic Consulting Team
Automate Academic Operations

Skynet helped in streamlining the entire placement process across all the entities: recruiters, students and placement team and facilitated smooth communication flow. Skynet was proactive in terms of understanding the data requirements and their use cases to present them in easy to consume from.

Prof. Rajesh Aithal
Placement Chairperson in 2019

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