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How did IIT Bombay use the Power of Dynamic Scheduling for Round 1 and Digital Tracking to handle its Virtual and Hybrid Placements since 2020?

IIT Bombay Adopts Skynet Scheduler for Seamless Day 0 Placement Schedules and student tracking in hybrid mode of placements

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay), one of India’s premier engineering institutions, has successfully implemented the Skynet Scheduler toorchestrate Day 0 of its placement process, managing a large scale participants of students and companies with unprecedented efficiency on day 0 using Skynet interview state tracker in real time

Streamlining the Placement Process

Day 0 of the placement season at IIT Bombay is a highly anticipated and equally nerve-wracking event. Traditionally, the scheduling of interviews, handling shortlists, and ensuring no clashes has been a monumental task for the placement cell. This year, however, the introduction of the Skynet Scheduler has revolutionized the process.

Handling Scale with Precision

The placement cell faced the herculean task of managing up to 40 companies, each with interview shortlists ranging from 40 to 500 students. In total, around 900 students were to be interviewed on Day 0. Coordinating these schedules manually had always been challenging, often leading to clashes and missed opportunities.

The Skynet Scheduler, an advanced scheduling software, has turned thislogistical nightmare into a streamlined process. It uses sophisticated algorithms to generate clash-free schedules, accommodating the varying requirements of both students and recruiters. The software's ability to process and organize large volumes of data rapidly ensures that every student gets thebest possible chance to attend their preferred interviews without overlaps.

Efficient Volunteer Management

In addition to scheduling interviews, managing around 200 volunteers /runners who assist in coordinating the event was another significant task.These volunteers play a crucial role in guiding students, coordinating with recruiters, and ensuring the smooth flow of the interview process. The Skynet Scheduler incorporates volunteer management, optimizing their deployment and ensuring that each interview station is adequately staffed, reducing waiting times and confusion and allows receiving Realtime updates on students and interview states.

Key Features of Skynet Scheduler

1. Automated Clash-Free Scheduling: Generates schedules using advanced matching algorithms that ensure no student has overlapping interviews, maximizing opportunities for all candidates. The automatic scheduling considers students and company preferences and also considers interview shortlist load on each students while creating the schedules.

2. Dynamic Schedule Management: Skynet also Empowered with feature utilities to perform Dynamic Scheduling at a company level and panel level based on real time information and allows manually control schedules.

3. Scalability: Capable of handling the requirements of up to 40companies and 900 students, adapting seamlessly to varying numbers.

4. Real-Time Adjustments: Allows on-the-fly changes to schedules, accommodating last-minute updates or changes in availability.

5. Volunteer Coordination: Integrates volunteer management to ensure efficient use of resources and smooth operation of the placement process.

6. User-Friendly Interface: Provides an intuitive interface for both the placement cell and students, ensuring ease of access to schedules and information.

A Milestone in Campus Placements

The successful implementation of the Skynet Scheduler marks a significant milestone in campus placements at IIT Bombay. According to the Placement Head,"The Skynet Scheduler has drastically reduced the chaos and confusion typically associated with Day 0. Our students can now focus more on their interviews rather than worrying about schedule clashes, and recruiters can conduct their processes more efficiently."

Student and Recruiter Feedback

During the Pandemic years - The feedback from students and recruiters has been overwhelmingly positive. Many students appreciated the ease with which they could navigate their interview schedules, while recruiters found the process more organized and less time-consuming. "It was a game-changer," said one of the recruiters from a leading tech company."The entire process was seamless, and we were able to meet with all our shortlisted candidates without any hitches."


The adoption of the Skynet Scheduler at IIT Bombay is a testament to the institution’s commitment to leveraging technology for enhancing student experiences. This innovative solution has set a new benchmark for placement processes, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness on Day 0 and potentiallypaving the way for other institutions to follow suit.


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