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How did IIIM Bangalore digitize its End to End Placement Process for Virtual and Hybrid Placement scenarios? Customer Recommendation

IIM Bangalore Digitizes End-to-End Placement Process for Virtual and Hybrid Scenarios with EDTEX Skynet

The Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIM Bangalore) has successfully digitized its end-to-end placement process, catering to both virtual and hybrid placement scenarios, through the implementation of EDTEX Skynet, developed by WINSPIRE. This strategic move has significantly enhanced the efficiency, transparency, and overall experience of the placement process for all stakeholders involved, including students, recruiters, and the placement team.

Comprehensive Digitization of Placement Process

The transition to a digital platform was driven by the need to adapt to the evolving landscape of recruitment, which now includes both virtual and hybrid scenarios. EDTEX Skynet played a pivotal role in this transformation, providing a robust and scalable solution that automates various aspects of the placement process, from initial communication to final onboarding.

Key Features of EDTEX Skynet

  1. Virtual and Hybrid Placement Support:The platform is designed to handle both virtual and hybrid placement scenarios seamlessly. It facilitates smooth coordination and communication between students and recruiters, irrespective of their physical locations.
  2. Student and Recruiter Management:Skynet allows for comprehensive management of student profiles and recruiter information. Students can create and update their profiles, while recruiters can post job openings, shortlist candidates, and manage interview schedules through a user-friendly interface.
  3. Automated Scheduling and Coordination:The platform automates the scheduling of interviews and other placement activities. It ensures that there are no conflicts and that all participants are informed of their schedules in real-time, thus enhancing the efficiency of the process.
  4. Integration with Virtual Conferencing Tools:Skynet seamlessly integrates with various virtual conferencing tools, ensuring that virtual interviews and meetings are conducted without any technical glitches. This integration is crucial for maintaining a smooth flow during virtual placement activities.
  5. Data Analytics and Reporting:The platform provides powerful data analytics and reporting tools, enabling the placement team to generate detailed reports on placement activities. These insights help in evaluating the process and making informed decisions.

Benefits of the Digital Placement Process

  • Efficiency: Automating routine tasks reduces the workload on the placement team, allowing them to focus on strategic planning and execution.
  • Transparency: The platform provides real-time updates and a transparent process, fostering trust among students and recruiters.
  • Flexibility: The system's ability to handle both virtual and hybrid scenarios ensures that IIM Bangalore can adapt to any changes in the recruitment landscape.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive design of the platform makes it easy for all users to navigate and utilize its features effectively.

Exceptional Support from EDTEX

Throughout the implementation and operational phases, the support from the EDTEX team was outstanding. Their deep understanding of the unique requirements of IIM Bangalore’s placement process ensured that the platform was tailored to meet these needs effectively. The EDTEX team provided round-the-clock support, addressing any issues promptly and ensuring a smooth transition to the digital system.

Customer Recommendation

We are extremely pleased with the digital transformation of our placement process, facilitated by EDTEX Skynet. The platform has significantly enhanced our ability to manage placements in both virtual and hybrid environments, ensuring a seamless experience for students and recruiters alike.

The exceptional support provided by the EDTEX team, combined with the platform’s robust features, has made this transition a resounding success. We highly recommend EDTEX Skynet to other institutions seeking to digitize their placement processes and adapt to the modern recruitment landscape.

In conclusion, the digitization of IIM Bangalore’s end-to-end placement process using EDTEX Skynet has set a new benchmark for efficiency and flexibility in campus recruitment. The platform's comprehensive features and the dedicated support from the EDTEX team have been instrumental in achieving a smooth and successful placement season, catering to the needs of all stakeholders involved.

EDTEX Academic Consulting Team
Automate Academic Operations

This is to certify that Skynet Team have rendered their services and support through Placement Automation Software for the Online placement process at UM, Bangalore since March 2020. The software has been successfully implemented and rendered by WINSPIRE Educational Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Prof. Dinesh Kumar
Placement Chairperson - IIMB

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