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How did XLRI successfully conduct its first Virtual Internship Process with Skynet? Customer Recommendation

XLRI Recommends EDTEX Skynet for Successful Placement Automation

We are pleased to recommend "Skynet"—Placement Automation Software developed by WINSPIRE, also known by the brand name "EDTEX". Since its implementation at XLRI in October 2018, Skynet has significantly enhanced our placement processes, demonstrating exceptional performance and reliability.

Successful Automation of Day Placement Process

Team EDTEX successfully automated the Day Placement Process at XLRI, which includes efficient scheduling and real-time student tracking. This automation has streamlined our placement activities, making the process more organized and manageable for all involved parties.

Innovative Virtual Placement Solutions During the Pandemic

During the challenging times of the pandemic, Team EDTEX displayed remarkable innovation by developing a Virtual Placements Automation Software. This solution provided dedicated interfaces for both students and companies, ensuring that the placement process could continue smoothly despite the constraints of physical distancing.

Using the Skynet Virtual Placement solution, XLRI conducted its Summer Internship Process (SIP) entirely virtually. The platform's robust features and seamless integration ensured that the virtual placements were conducted without any disruptions, maintaining the high standards of our placement activities.

Comprehensive Support and Satisfaction

We are extremely satisfied with the support provided by the EDTEX team during the placement process. Their commitment to ensuring the smooth operation of Skynet and addressing any issues promptly was crucial in enabling a successful placement season.

All stakeholders involved in the placements process, including students, the Placement Committee, Institute Administration, and participating companies, have expressed their satisfaction with Skynet. The platform has proven to be an invaluable asset in facilitating virtual placements, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for everyone.


In conclusion, the implementation of Skynet at XLRI has been a tremendous success. The automation of our placement processes, coupled with the innovative virtual solutions provided during the pandemic, has significantly improved our ability to manage placements effectively.

We highly recommend EDTEX Skynet to other institutions seeking to enhance their placement processes through automation. The expertise and support provided by Team EDTEX have been instrumental in achieving our placement goals and ensuring a positive experience for all stakeholders involved.

EDTEX Academic Consulting Team
Automate Academic Operations

We are happy to recommend” Skynet” — Placement Automation Software built by WINSPIREalso known with the brand name “EDTEX”. Skynet is successfully being used at XLRI sinceOctober 2018.

Prof. Raji Misra
Placement Chairperson

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